KANO Sili Kroil spray penetrate is the best stuff. It can be found on eBay for about $25 a can,
Lowes has 8 pairs of rubberized mechanics gloves for $9. They protect you from burns, scrapes, busted knuckles, and makes it easier to hold stuff.

In the rebuilding of this 289 engine, the first step was to buy K-Code heads to replace the regular heads on the motor.  To see the detail, click the picture, click your "Back Button", or "Back Arrow" to return here. I pulled the motor. It was an afternoons work and it dumped several quarts of transmission fluid in the garage floor..

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When I stripped the motor to the block, I kept every nut, bolt, and part that I removed. It was easier to buy replacement stuff with the original in hand.

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Amazingly, this car was running and driving. After seeing this, I'm not sure why it was running. You can see the oil passages were completely clogged.

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I sent the block, with the crankshaft in it, with the K-Code heads to Roberts Machine shop to "Hot tank" (strip) it, rebuild the crankshaft with new journals and 
bearings, and rebuild the heads with new valves and springs. Robert honed the pistons and put in new rings too. I painted the internal oil areas with Glyptal.

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