About the original exhaust system that I put on this car... That's changed. I removed the Waldons "Arvinode system with the "H" pipe connection. Exhaust Pro in Lexington, KY on Boston Drive removed the Arvinode system at the headers back and replaced it with a 2 1/4" full system with 40 series Flowmasters on it. It sounds great! and it runs stronger. I am impressed with the quality of work that they did and the price of the work ($400.00) was worth it. It runs better, sounds great, and you can hear the "Muscle Car Sound".
The headers, exhaust, and tail pipes were all from different vendors.

I did most of the work. I do a lot of business with CJ Pony Parts because they never charge shipping and they ship fast. Of all the Mustang Parts Companies out there, I've found them to be the best to deal with.  

I installed these headers after the engine was in the compartment and they dropped in perfectly. I was shocked how exact they fit. I used Stage 8 Locking header bolts. They're garbage, don't waste time and money ($70) on them

Hedman 88300 Standard-Duty Uncoated Headers

  • $250.00 from Amazon.com
    Collector Size: 3"

  • Finish Type: UNCOATED- Shipped with black coating 
    to prevent corrosion BEFORE installation

  • Head Flange Gasket: 27700

  • Tube Design: FULL LENGTH

  • Highest Quality Materials. 
    Computerized Precision. 
    Hand Tested; Sturdy Leak Proof Welds. 
    Durable And Affordable.

“Arvinode” Dual Exhaust System, this system fits all 64-66 289 Mustangs with dual exhaust. This product IS SUPPOSED TO bring back the original sound, appearance and performance of this rare and unusual exhaust system. The Arvinode system will fit any 289 Mustang from 1964-1966 with dual exhaust.

The Concours model includes:
• Two intermediate pipes that connect the H pipe outlets to the front mufflers
• Two front mufflers with rectangular tubes.
• Two over-axle pipes
• Two resonators with turndowns
• Two saddle clamps (exact duplicates of original “Ford” style saddle clamps)
• All mufflers and pipes are aluminized steel; clamps are regular steel.
• PRICE: $567.00

You'll need an "H" Pipe for this system.
 You can buy it from them too for about $125 more

I removed all of it. The H-Pipe on my 289 caused the exhaust to be inhaled by the intake on the opposite side. The car ran, but as soon as I removed it and put new 2 1/4" pipes back with 40 series Flowmasters. WOW, talk about a difference. You can hear the cam, feel the extra horsepower, and it sounds SWEET. It runs great and rumbles. That's what you want. It cost me $400, for more details call or click here to contact Kevin Degler at Exhaust Pro in Lexington Kentucky

Pair of Scott Drake Concours Exhaust Tips for 1965-1966 Mustangs.

Do not confuse these with the economy import version. These are for the customers who want the very best. Beautiful, highly polished stainless steel, with correct deep draw louvered stamping. Driver and passenger side specific. Exact reproductions.

Scott Drake Exhaust Tip Concours 
Pair 1965-1966
CJ's Low Price:$112.99

Scott Drake Exhaust Trim Ring Stainless Steel GT 1965-1966
CJ's Low Price: