4-Speed Transmission Project

I want to put a 4 Speed "Toploader" Transmission in my Black 66 Mustang GT. The problem is, you can only find these transmissions in pieces. You get the top loader 4 speed transmission, then you need to find the bell housing for the front, then the proper tail section to match up with the hole in your floor, then the correct shift linkage, and the correct length drive shaft for the rear. It's going to be a really tough project unless you can find an old 4 speed (Generation 1) Mustang with everything already in it. AND I FOUND THIS ONE!

I bought this 65 Mustang for he complete 4 speed transmission and all the parts that it takes to make the swap
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I found a 65 Mustang "Barn Find" in Sturgis, Kentucky. I bought it for the complete transmission.
You've got to buy a small floor jack, and a transmission jack that mounts on it. Then you get under your donor car and remove the shift linkage and the transmission. There are some U-Tube videos that really help, but it's still several days and many hours of dirty work. You'll need at least five jack stands too. You have to keep the middle section of your car supported on the passenger side as well as all four corners. When you go to remove the transmission you'll have to jack the car up on the drivers side as far as your floor jack will go.
When you get your donor transmission out, you'll want to take it to a transmission shop for a full rebuild. Normally about $1,000. Then you'll want to clean and repaint the transmission and shift linkage. You'll need a Ford Mustang Shop Manual to align the linkage.
You'll need plenty of time and money for a swap like this. You'll need to be good with tools or you'll have to pay a fortune to 
get the work done. You'll need to swap your master cylinders, the clutch linkage, and the pedals that have to be removed through the dash. You'll need to remove your headers on both cars and your compete exhaust system too. 
This is tough to do when it's 95 degrees in the sun. You'll need to remove the dash from both cars to remove the swap the pedals for both cars. You'll have to remove the steering column, dash, all the wiring for the dashboard, so take a picture of it before you start disconnecting wires, You will be breaking 50 year old plastic parts too. Just call Will at KyMustang.com to replace the parts.

This is the interior of the car that I started with, a 1965 Mustang.
It has a 289 in it with a toploader 4 speed transmission
I made the swap to my 1966 GT, 289 4 Barrel. Now with "Toploader"
4 Speed Transmission. I love driving it and going through the gears!

Done, Sold, Gone. I sold the red Mustang and gave them the automatic transmission from the black one.